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Exhaust Ventilators manufacuters and Kitchen Exhaust Fans in chennai

September 10, 2013

Due to the increasing concerns of the business owners and general workforce about the enhanced level of pollution emission in the air and its disastrous effects on the health of the people, the innovation of the exhaust ventilators is considered as a welcome step. It is the most beneficial and economical method of controlling vital air circulation. Along with the fan, it reduces the pressure on all the other cooling devices as well.

The technologies which are used by these exhaust ventilators is that of a thermostat which may be installed wither on the walls of the building or even somewhere outside the building. One can set the temperature according to their preferences. Once that particular set temperature is reached, then the thermostat shall automatically start the ventilator on to work. This makes sure the temperature doesn’t go beyond the desired levels inside the factory premises. Another advantage is that the heat in the building is always in control which enables less exchange of heat between the cooling system’s duct air and that emitted by the device.

Exhaust ventilator

Exhaust ventilator


Designed by Roof vent, the exhaust ventilator we offer is a marvelous product and as a cost benefit analysis. It improves air circulation, reduces the backward hard pressure on the ceiling fan which in turns increases the efficiency of the fan to draw the humidity as well as heat from the building space. For this function, it is specially designed with a dome and throat which facilitate this feature and makes it work efficiently under all circumstances.

Some of key features which make the product even more desirable & attractive are mentioned below:

  • It is not too difficult to understand and operate. It is quite a simple, electronic and a commuting motor which is brushless as well. It facilitates easy installation and a negligible maintenance cost as well.
  • Saves resources as it a device which consumes very less energy in comparison to similar other products.
  • It doesn’t have any dependence on the wind speed for its circulation and operations. It consumes low electricity and a thermostat for its functioning.
  • It is not too loud in its functioning and maintains a calm environment.
  • Is economical by all means.
  • Has an inbuilt capacity of providing a well circulated space up to 20 sq meters.
  • Can be fitted to roofs of various designs with an inclination of even 45 degrees.

The room always has a pleasant and bearable temperature because of the installation of these exhausts ventilators. The cost of the ventilator is much more than the direct benefit derived for it making it a popular and wanted product in the market. Specific manufactures provide high quality also, which makes them the pioneers in the market.


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